Marble contracting// CIS Payroll



We’re the experts.
At Marble Contracting, we know the ins and outs of employment status, IR35, and CIS payroll to save you time – and money.


Subcontract with confidence, and leave the CIS payroll and legal business to us.


Get IR35 under control, and give yourself complete peace of mind.

Tax Consulting

Say goodbye to tax issues.

CIS Payroll for Recruitment Businesses

We’ll take the risk away from your business.

In short, at Marble Contracting, we remove the risk of using subcontractors and operating CIS payroll instead of PAYE.

Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll
Marble contracting// CIS Payroll

The team at Marble Contracting know the law, and apply it correctly to make sure everybody in the supply chain is compliant and safe.

At Marble Contracting, we’re experts in our field, have passed HMRC checks, and have a clean bill of health, which demonstrates our approach to doing things the right way.

-Sarah (ATT MAAT)

We tailor our services to fit how our clients operate to ensure that we fit in seamlessly, whilst still ensuring complete legal compliance.

-Kye (LL.B Hons)

What We Often Hear

What Our Clients Say

Don’t lose your marbles... Subcontract the risk.

Or send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

I know I should do something about this, but...

We understand this may not be deemed a top priority and then gets pushed down the long list of things to do.

Dealing with this issue now though, could prove to be a wise investment of a small amount of time. We can provide clear advice as to where you stand, whether there is any risk and more importantly different ways you could strengthen your position.

Status challenges can take several years to resolve, involve expensive legal battles, huge HMRC liabilities, sleepless nights, and more stress. Why not save yourself all that pain and get in touch.

But my accountant handles this!

It is great when a pro-active accountant knows that employment status is an area that needs addressing and we work closely with many accountants to achieve this.

The directors of Marble are the nominated IR35, status and CIS helpline experts for organisations such as Professional Fee Protection and Taxaction. This means that accountants regularly get put in contact with us when they have queries over these specialist areas.

The services we offer are completely different and complimentary to what your accountant will already be doing and we would be happy to meet them to discuss.

I only have a few subcontractors, though. So the risk is minimal.

During a routine enquiry, HMRC will typically look at the employment status of anyone that is not on PAYE, whether that is 1 person or 500.

You may not think HMRC will have the desire to pursue a company over one subcontractor, but this happens regularly and can be seen in the graveyard of tax tribunal judgments against the taxpayer.

Only having a few subcontractors might even be music to HMRC’s ears because you could be seen as an easy target that is less likely to get advice and representation.

My subbies work for other people - so I’m not concerned.

Working for other companies does NOT mean someone is self-employed. This is the biggest misunderstanding about employment status and it is dangerous to base your position on this.

If HMRC asked you to explain why working for other people made someone self-employed, could you back up this answer with any case law or legislation?
An employee can have multiple jobs, just like a self-employed person. Having different jobs rarely alters whether they are all PAYE or self-employed.