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We’re not the same as our competitors. We’ve got years of experience in handling HMRC enquiries, and IR35, and can guarantee that you’ll get the best service there is.

The Storm Ahead

Understanding IR35, whether it applies to your business, and what you need to do about it can be a daunting task. If your business engages individuals who work through their own personal service companies, it’s crucial to know where you stand.

IR35 essentially disregards the existence of a personal service company and instead looks at whether an individual works in the same way as employees. If HMRC determines that this is the case, they may raise assessments for tax loss, penalties, and interest.

IR35 paper

We know IR35 inside out and can quickly and easily look at how your business operates and whether it’s something you need to address. Marble’s team have written a book for Bloomsbury Publishing about IR35, and also have a tax consultancy business (Trinity Tax) that specialises in advising and defending companies over IR35.

So it’s safe to say you will be in good hands by speaking with us.

We go further than just advising companies over IR35.

We can (and do) provide a complete service to protect end clients from the risk of liabilities.

In summary, we enter the supply chain and become the fee payer under the legislation, which means any liability instead rests with us.

It’s a simple and effective way to shift the risk from the end client to us, and we’re happy to shoulder this burden because we know how to handle it.

Why Us?

Because we go further than just advising companies.

The owners of Marble head up a specialist tax practice called Trinity Tax Ltd. which has expertise in IR35, employment status and agency legislation. This enables us to work in partnership with end clients and agencies to eliminate their exposure to IR35. 

We have considerable experience in HMRC enquiries. We’ve defended HMRC challenges in most industries including IT, construction, white collar, TV and radio and across a range of business sizes.

On top of that, we passed a VAT and HMRC enquiry.


What We Often Hear

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What is IR35?

IR35 applies to individuals that provide their services through their own limited companies. The legislation was introduced in 2000 to stop employees setting up a company to invoice through because it was more tax efficient.

The legislation works by effectively ignoring the existence of the limited company and deciding whether the relationship between the worker and the client is one of employment. If it is, IR35 applies and HMRC will require tax and national insurance to be paid under the Deemed Payment rules.

The IR35 rules were amended in 2021 and although the overriding principle of whether IR35 applies will be the same, who will be liable for it will now depend on a number of factors.

Who’s responsible for IR35?

There is no longer a quick and simple answer to this!

Who is responsible for considering IR35 and ultimately liable for it will depend on who is deemed to be the client, the size of the client’s business, whether there is anyone else in the supply chain and whether they have met their obligations for taking reasonable care and issuing status determination statements.

IR35 was never simple, but it truly is a minefield now. Our sister company Trinity Tax can provide comprehensive advice on this area and Marble can look at ways of removing the IR35 risk from the client’s business.

What does Marble know about IR35?

The directors of Marble have been advising organisations about IR35 since 2006 and have extensive experience and knowledge in this area of tax.

We have defended companies under enquiry across a broad spectrum of industries and of all shapes and sizes. We know the law, how HMRC approach their enquires and the tactics needed to protect our clients.

We have carried out nationwide seminars, written numerous publications, defended companies and represented clients at the tax tribunals. It’s fair to say that you are in good hands when you get in contact with us.