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The Marble team is run by experts who remove unnecessary risk from your business.

That means that we ensure protection from HMRC subcontractor challenges, and make sure you can still keep working with self-employed workers – worry free.

Kye Burchmore - Marble Team

Kye Burchmore – LL.B (Hons)

Kye has a wealth of knowledge on legislation, case law and litigation for all things employment status and IR35. 

He was asked to write the Off-Payroll Tax Handbook because of his work in that field.

He’s also responsible for writing articles for Taxation Magazine, Tolley’s, Lexis Nexis, Simon’s Tax Briefing and AccountingWeb. In addition Kye has been responsible for updating the agency legislation chapter of Bloomsbury’s Tax Planning Series for several years.

When he’s not a tax consulting ninja, Kye also enjoys a game of football, coaches two youth football teams, loves a bit of music, and enjoys being outdoors in his free time.

Sarah Carstens - Marble Team

Sarah Carstens – ATT MAAT

Sarah has vast amounts of experience in defending companies in the construction industry.

She also assists with various matters including employment status, CIS penalties, gross payment disputes, and more. 

Sarah is also one of the technical directors of Trinity Tax, which provides consultancy to companies of all shapes and sizes, and helps them understand how they engage individuals, regardless of whether they’re employed, self-employed, workers, or have their own limited companies.

Sarah is one of those strange people that loves  numbers and spreadsheets, which makes her a true sorceress of tax and accounting.

On top of that, she’s a devil for details, and therefore underpins Marble’s ability to offer unparalleled service when it comes to supply chain compliance.

The Story Behind Marble

Sarah and Kye had lost faith in the way HMRC conducted enquiries, and subsequently penalised companies over employment status.

If the law were clearer, it would be easier for companies to apply it correctly and be compliant. Instead, companies with years of trading are suddenly fined for misunderstanding a grey area of the law.

Marble was set up to provide companies with protection from being unfairly penalised by HMRC over employment status and IR35.

A business is tough to run at the best of times, let alone trying to keep on top of tax and employment law.

Given the severe consequences of getting it wrong, why not trust us to handle it and have one less thing to worry about?


Subcontract with confidence, and leave the CIS payroll and legal business to us.


Get IR35 under control, and give yourself complete peace of mind.

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