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Tax consulting

The directors of Marble also run Trinity Tax, which specialises in advising and defending companies over employment status, IR35 and agency legislation.

We’re experts in the field and can ensure you stay on the right side of the law. So, whether you are looking at getting proactive tax consulting advice over your contractual relationship, or already have an HMRC enquiry you need handled, we undoubtedly, have you covered – before, during and after.

All in all, we understand the complexities of tax law, and can offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our services include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Looking over documents with the self-employed individuals.
  • Contract drafting to establish clear terms.
  • Reviewing how the business uses self-employed individuals.
  • Providing ad hoc telephone advice whenever it’s needed.
  • Defending companies at length while they’re under enquiry.
  • Providing overall legal cover so that our fees will be covered in case there is an enquiry.
  • Supplying clients with an indemnity that we will pay the cost if we can’t defend the position.

If a company wishes to work with us, then we analyse how the individuals work. We do this in order to ensure we are satisfied they can be paid on a self-employed basis. Assuming there are no issues, Marble can engage the individuals on a self-employed basis and remove the risk of an HMRC employment status challenge from your business completely.

Employment Status, As Well As IR35

In recent years, HMRC have significantly increased their compliance activity in employment status and IR35. To this end, they have established dedicated teams specifically to crack down on these areas.

As a result, the question is no longer if you will get an enquiry… But when.

Consequently, it is always better to be proactive and initially address any problem areas – before it’s too late.

Since it’s a rapidly changing area of law, employment status can be (and, indeed, is) expensive if applied incorrectly.

Therefore, whether it’s reviewing/drafting a contract, identifying how the business operates, or defending the case at the tax tribunals, we can provide expert advice and assistance whenever needed.

Moreover, we can tailor our services to companies, regardless of size. We’ll also offer as much (or as little) help as you require.

In conclusion, our flexible approach ensures that you receive the best level of support that specifically suits your needs and budget.

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What does Trinity tax do for Marble’s clients?

If any of Marble’s client have tax queries on the areas Trinity specialise in, Trinity will be at their disposal to help, whether it be a quick telephone query, a compliance audit, or even help with a HMRC dispute.

It is always good to know you have that extra layer of support and that you have some of the best in the business fighting your corner if it becomes necessary.

What areas of tax do you advise on?

The main areas of expertise that the directors of Marble specialise in are employment status, IR35, Agency legislation, CIS penalties, Gross Payment Appeals and Managed Service Company legislation.

We also have a lot of contacts in the tax world and so if our clients have queries outside of our specialisms, we can point them in the direction of some of the best other tax brains in the business.

Is Trinity Tax part of Marble?

No, they are separate businesses that offer different services, but ones that compliment each other. They are both run by Sarah Carstens and Kye Burchmore and having the two companies ensures that we can look after our clients and give them the most suitable services for their needs.