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CIS Payroll For Recruitment Businesses

We understand that CIS payroll compliance is undeniably important to our clients.
As a result, we work with our clients to ensure processes and procedures throughout the contractual chain are compliant in order to provide the best protection possible for everyone.

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The Issue

Many agencies are aware that an individual must lack supervision, direction, and control to be paid on a self-employed basis. Presently, there is very limited case law on this subject. Additionally, even when there becomes more case law to rely on, each case has different facts. So it is essential to pay close attention to how the individuals work and ensure you have a strong defence for when you face a challenge from HMRC.

Why Marble?


Marble has a considerable amount of experience in defending HMRC disputes. Our experience includes reviews of how companies operate, defending cases at the tax tribunals, carrying out nationwide seminars (on topics such as IR35, employment status, agency legislation, MSC legislation and expenses) as well as writing and contributing to various publications including Tolleys, Simon’s Tax Briefing and Bloomsbury Publishing.


As a result of the above, we pride ourselves on being able to go beyond the services a standard payroll company can offer. We’re able to offer our clients a genuine and comprehensive compliance platform from which they can base their business. We not only review the processes in place with our clients to ensure they are as strong as possible, but also provide updates, ongoing advice and a legal defence if HMRC looks at how our clients operate. This sets us apart from other payroll companies in the industry, many of whom can offer little by way of experience in actually defending HMRC disputes. We believe our unique position allows us to offer a service that is not available in the marketplace otherwise.


Marble also offer a PAYE umbrella service for those individuals that cannot be self-employed. We can also engage and pay individuals that have their own personal service companies with the added extra that we will offer IR35 fee protection for those personal service company contractors meaning if they were to get an IR35 challenge for the work undertaken on behalf of our agency clients, we defend the IR35 position including representing them at the tax tribunals where necessary while they contract through Marble. This is a great added benefit our agencies can offer to their clients.

Last of all, if you are concerned about the changes to IR35, we can look at the services provided, who is affected, the consequences and the options available.

What We Often Hear

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Is Marble a member of the FCSA?

Marble has never applied to join the FCSA. The purpose of the FCSA is to demonstrate compliance which is a great thing in an unregulated industry. However Marble has the ultimate compliance tick as a result of passing an HMRC inspection for tax and VAT. What is a better demonstration of compliance than HMRC finding no issues with your business?

In addition, members of the FCSA have been found to have some pretty major issues with their businesses and so it does not guarantee a company’s compliance. We therefore currently have no desire to join when we feel there would be little benefit other than as a marketing exercise.

Do you offer referral fees?

Yes, if you contract with Marble, are happy with the services provided and recommend us to others, we are more than happy to offer referral fees.

What makes Marble different?

PAYE umbrella is a crowded market and fairly straight-forward meaning there is usually very little to differentiate between PAYE umbrella companies.

Where Marble truly stands head and shoulder above its competitors is with regard to paying people on a self-employed basis. Our intricate understanding of this area along with our attention to detail and tax consultancy background means we can ensure the best processes are adopted and that everyone in the contractual chain is compliant.